Tuesday Lunch

Tuesday, June 18th

Butter Croissant 4.50
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 4
Cold Brew Coffee 4
Oysters 3ea shipwreck, p.e.i. (min. 3 per order)
Chilled Borscht 10
chopped egg, crème fraiche
Dressed Apples 14
black radish, fennel, chateau de bourgogne
Flat Top Breakfast 15
sunny eggs, double smoked bacon, toast, rosti
Union Salad app 14 / main 18
organic greens, double smoked bacon, chevre, rosti
Swiss Train Ride 18
paris ham, swiss cheese, fried egg, béchamel
Steak Tartare app 14 / main 18
habanero, dijon, bread & butter pickles, toast
Gnocchi 19
ragu alla Bolognese, piave
Sardine Escabeche 20
catalan style, toast
—————————————————————————————Union Burger 21
double smoked bacon, swiss cheese, spicy aioli —————————————————————————————
Crispy Polenta 22
rustic tomato sauce, braised greens, morbier
Grilled Atlantic Salmon 26
charred radicchio, grapefruit, tahini
Steak Frites 30
marinated bavette served medium rare with salad
Side of: salad or frites with aioli 6 braised greens 7
braised greens with organic vegetables 10
Crème Brulée 7
Grapefruit Tart chantilly cream 8
Sticky Ginger Cake salted caramel 10
Cheese Plate wildflower honey 18

Union works with local farmers who provide seasonal,
organic produce & meat. Farm to Chef to Table.
Parties of five or more are subject to a 20% gratuity.
Union does not split checks into separate bills.