Sunday, November 3rd
Paris Dinner

TomatoSoup chili oil, crème fraiche
Roasted Squash dukkah, radicchio, lindsay goat cheddar
Dressed Snow Crab watermelon radish, pear, basil

Grilled Octopus dressed white beans, dandelion greens, paprika

Steak Tartare habanero, bread & butter pickles, dijon

Polenta Gratin rustic tomato sauce, braised greens, montboisse

Gnocchi ragu alla bolognese, piave
Seared Scallops king oyster mushrooms, puy lentils, beurre noisette

Rainbow Trout bok choy, navet, sauce vert
Pork & Sage Sausage colcannon, romanesco cauliflower



Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Fondant ice cream
Bread Pudding blueberries
Grey Owl wildflower honey

Sunday night is the time when Parisians recharge for the week:
long dinners in a casual and laid back atmosphere that allow
you to take time, relax, and get ready for the week ahead.
Three Courses 45
Parties of 5 or more are subject to 20% gratuity.
Union does not split cheques into separate bills.
Union works with local farmers who provide seasonal,
organic produce & meat. Farm to Chef to Table.