Friday Lunch

Friday, January 11th

freshly squeezed orange juice 4
Oysters 3ea kusshi, B.C. . (minimum 3)
Leek & Chickpea Soup 10
chili oil, garlic toast
Crimson Pear Salad 15
kohlrabi, walnuts, endive, Roquefort
Flat Top Breakfast 15
sunny eggs, double smoked bacon, toast, rosti
Union Salad app 14 / main 18
organic greens, double smoked bacon, chevre, rosti
Swiss Train Ride 18
paris ham, swiss cheese, béchamel, sunny egg, salad, rosti
Steak Tartare app 14 / main 18
habanero, dijon, bread & butter pickles, toast
Union Farm Smoked Salmon 19
soda bread, dill, crème fraiche, soft egg, rosti
Fogo Island Cod Cake 19
tartar sauce, radicchio salad
Housemade Gnocchi 19
ragu alla bolognese, piave
Union Burger 20
fresh ground beef, double smoked bacon, swiss, spicy aioli
————————————————————————————— Snow Crab Omelette 22
shallot, chili jam, rosti, salad
Polenta Gratin 22
rustic tomato sauce, braised greens, piave, morbier
Arctic Char 26
braised greens, beetroot, sweet mustard, rosti
Steak Frites 29
marinated top sirloin served medium rare, green salad
Side of:
salad or frites with aioli 6 braised greens 7
braised greens with organic vegetables 10

Crème Brûlée 7
Espresso Bread Pudding crema gelato 9
Sticky Ginger Cake salted caramel 9
Cheese Plate wildflower honey 18

Union works with local farmers who provide seasonal,
organic produce & meat. Farm to Chef to Table.
Parties of five or more are subject to a 20% gratuity.
Union does not split checks into separate bills.

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